İngilizce Yds – Yökdil Adjective Clauses Deneme Test -2 60 SORU

1.       The Department plays an        important part in determining the level of the Rate Support Grant ______ by control government to local authorities.


A)       which gives annually

B)       where is given

C)      which is given annually

D)      on which is given annually

E)       for which is given annually



2.       Turkish Airlines, ______ 63rd  year, is justly proud to have a past and deep-rooted tradition comparable to aviation companies in the West.


A)       which complete

B)       who complete its

C)      completed

D)      which the committee completed

E)       which has completed its



3.       She will never forget the day ______she had an accident.


A)       where                              B) who

C)      whose                             D) when

E)       in which



4.       In our family there are 20 people, ______             are teachers.


A)       whom                              B)    whose

C)      most of whom               D)   most of them

E)       that most of them



5.       That was the year ______we had some unexpected events.


A)       during which                 B)    where

C)      for which                         D)   which

E)       of which



6.       ______ not Ahmet but Mehmet ______illegal credits from public banks.


A)       He is/which grants

B)       It is/who grants

C)      They are/who grant

D)      They are/who grants

E)       It is/who have granted


7.       The miners, ______feel the elect of the decision most deeply,  are on strike now.


A)       that                                    B)    which

C)      what                                 D)   where

E)       who




8.       There are 100 foreign students ______                you can practise your English in the camp.


A)       where                              B)    whose

C)      which                               D)   with whom

E)       to whom




9.       The small boy______ didn’t know the depth of the river.


A)       drowning

B)       who was drowned

C)      was drowned

D)      to be drowned

E)       whom he was drowned




10.     His camera and new orange pyjamas were in his case, ______he had packed them.


A)       that                                    B)    whom

C)      who                                  D)   which

E)       where



11.     Democritus, ______ in the late fifth and fourth centuries B.C, theorised that the misty Milky Way is actually, a vast collection of distant stars.


A)       who lived

B)       that lived

C)      who lives

D)      in which he lived

E)       when he lived




12.     He has three brothers, ______                is a teacher.


A)       all of whom                    B)    all of which

C)      one of whom                 D)   one of which

E)       most of them


13.     In the crowd there were several boys, ______were under ten.


A)       some of which

B)       all of which

C)      with whom

D)      many of whom

E)       one of whom



14.     The forest is full of trees, ______are the oaks.


A)       most of whom               B)    the oldest of which

C)      where                              D)   most of them

E)       for which



15.     He is the director of an institute ______               has become famous for its research into nutrition.


A) who                                        B) what

C) which                                    D) whom

E) whose



16.     The sun, ______has a surface temperature of

6000 0C, warms the Earth from a distance of 150 million km.


A) whom                                    B) which

C) whose                                  D) when

E) what



17-    Spring and autumn are the seasons ………… I like best.


A)       when                                B)    that

C)      in which                          D)   where

E)       whose



18-    A country ………….. volume of export is smaller than her import can’t be said to be in a good situation economically.


A)       when                                B)    that

C)      —                                      D)   where

E)       whose



19-    A person ………… fame is nationwide is difficult to contact.


A)       who                                  B)    whom

C)      whose                             D)   where

E)       when



20-    The person ……….. I want you to see will be          waiting for you in his office.


A)       for whom                        B)    about whose             C)           that                             D)             when

E)       where


21-    This is the time of year ………. most people are    crowding into the coastal regions.


A)       when                                B)    which

C)      whom                              D)   where

E)       whose



22-    The time of year ………. almost all the students look forward to, I think, must be summer vacation.


A)       when                                B)    which

C)      whom                              D)   where

E)       of which



23-    The person……….she could trust most was her co-worker, Irene.


A)       which                               B)    when

C)      where                              D)   that

E)       whose



24-    The woman ………. was in charge of the kindergarten didn’t seem amiable to me at all.


A)       who                                  B)    whom

C)      where                              D)   when

E)       —




25-    Mohandas Gandhi was a leader …………. devoted his life to his people.


A)       —                                     B)    who

C)      whom                              D)   when

E)       whose



26.-   And also Atatürk was one of the greatest leaders of the world ………… life was devoted to his people’s independence.


A)       —                                      B)    that

C)      whom                              D)   where

E)       whose




27.-   The painting at …………. you are looking right      now is an original Picasso.


A)       that                                    B)    —

C)      which                               D)   whom

E)       whose



28.-   Can you give me an explanation ………. you        don’t want to take part in the play?


A)       where                              B)    which

C)      whom                              D) why

E)       when


29-    The explanations …………. the Prime Minister made after the scandal didn’t help to settle the Opposition’s out cry.


A)       whom                              B)    when

C)      where                              D)   why

E)       that



30-    The reason …………… he was dismissed from       the job is still unknown.


A)       when                                B)    where

C)      whom                              D)   why

E)       which



31.     The reason ………….. he stated for his being         dismissed from the job wasn’t found credible            at all by anybody.


A)       why                                  B)    that

C)      whom                              D)   when

E)       of which



32-    The child chose a lot of toys at the      supermarket for ………. his father paid a large                 sum of money.


A)       where                              B)    that

C)      whom                              D)   which

E)       why



33-    The trees ………..branches were drooping with   fruit were a beautiful sight to look at.


A)       which                               B)    whose

C)      that                                    D)   —

E)       who



34-    The students ………….. can’t get a high grade in                   this exam will have to take the final exam.


A)       which                               B)    whom

C)      that                                    D)   whose

E)       when



35-    The student ………….. grade is lower than the limit will have to take the final exam.


A)       which                               B)    that

C)      who                                  D)   whom

E)       whose



36-    The people with ………… I’ve been living for           some time are very friendly.


A)       whom                              B)    who          ,

C)      that                                    D)   which

E)       whose

37-    The secretary in our office, ……. outlook on life is rather pessimistic, is rarely seen smiling.


A)       that                                    B)    who

C)      whom                              D)   whose

E)       where



38-    My son’s maths teacher, …………… has been         working in that school for six years, is really                good at teaching.


A)       who                                  B)    that

C)      whom                              D)   where

E)       whose



39-    But his science teacher, …………… teaching           method I don’t approve of much, makes things        more difficult for the student.


A)       who                                  B)    that

C)      whose                             D)   whom

E)       when



40-    The heavy uniforms……..British soldiers used to wear in tropical countries must have been very uncomfortable.


A)       what                       B)      where

C)      how                        D)     that

E)       when



41-    The university……..I applied to told me to try again next year.


A)       where                     B)     that

C)      what                       D)     why

E)       how


42-    I tried to ask them……..they had not accepted me this year, but they refused to give me an answer.


A)       that                        B)       why

C)      what                       D)     how

E)       which



43-    “Stay…… are and keep your hands above your head,” said the policeman in no uncertain terms.


A)       whom                     B)     that

C)      where                     D)    what

E)       which



44-    With all this traffic, I don’t know ……..we are going to arrive, but it should be soon.


A) when                      B) which

C) where                     D) that

E) why

45-    Hundreds of Cambodians are flocking to see a large brown cow……..lick is believed to cure rheumatism and other ailments.


A)       that                        B)       where

C)      which                     D)     whose

E)       how



46-    No one has actually heard composer John      Cage’s 1952 composition, 4’33″………is totally silent — a composition consisting of 4 minutes and 33 seconds of silence.


A)       what                       B)      that

C)      which                     D)     who

E)       whose



47-    Three men……..had been harassing a woman in Jordan got a surprise when she ripped off her enveloping black cloak and veil, then punched and kicked them into submission.


A)       whom                     B)     who

C)      where                     D)    which

E)       whose



48-    King Sobhuza of Swaziland had more than 125 wives during his reign of 61 years………ended when he died in 1982.


A)       who                         B)     whom

C)      whose                     D)   when

E)       which



49      The new player………reputation had led fans to hope for many spectacular goals, has not lived up to expectations.


A)       which                     B)     when

C)      that                        D)       whose

E)       whom




50-    I will need a lot of practice before I really understand……..this new program works.


A)       what                       B)      that

C)      where                     D)    how

E)       when




51-    I wrote down your phone number, but I can’t remember the place……..I put it.


A)       where                     B)     how

C)      which                     D)     that

E)       when




52-    If only I had known about……..the fare was, I would have taken a taxi.


A)       which                      B)    where

C)      how                        D)     that

E)       what


53-    She wouldn’t tell me……..caused she and her husband to break up, but I think it had something to do with a disagreement over money.


A)       when                      B)     that

C)      why                        D)     how

E)       what



54-    Franz Kafka………books are still read and appreciated today, had wanted all his manuscripts to be destroyed after his death.


A)       that                        B)       which

C)      whose                             D)      whom

E)       where



55-    The man……..tea over there is the one you need to talk to.


A)       to be drinking                B)      drinking

C)      drink                      D)      being drunk

E)       drunk


56-    ……..of massive blocks of granite, the

pyramids of Giza would have been a wonder of the world in any age.


A)       To be constructed

B)       Constructed

C)      To construct

D)      Having constructed

E)       Constructing



57-    These spices,……..specially from India, are of much higher quality than what you would usually find in a supermarket.


A)       to be importing              B)      having imported

C)      importing                        D)      imported

E)       to import



58-    The lovers needed a place…….. secretly so that her parents would never find out.


A)       meeting                  B)    to be met

C)      having met             D)   met

E)       to meet



59-    Not everyone…… go on the dangerous         mission was happy about it.


A)       chosen

B)       to be choosing

C)      having chosen

D)      to choose

E)       chose



60-    Not……..that the enemy was hidden inside the wooden horse, the citizens of Troy celebrated their supposed victory.


A)       realising                 B)    realised

C)      realise                             D)      to be realising

E)       to realise



  1. C
  2. E
  3. D
  4. C
  5. A
  6. B
  7. E
  8. D
  9. B
  10. E
  11. A
  12. C
  13. D
  14. B
  15. C
  16. B
  17. B
  18. E
  19. C
  20. C
  21. A
  22. B
  23. D
  24. A
  25. B
  26. E
  27. C
  28. D
  29. E
  30. D
  31. B
  32. D
  33. B
  34. C
  35. E
  36. A
  37. D
  38. A
  39. C
  40. D
  41. B
  42. B
  43. C
  44. A
  45. D
  46. C
  47. B
  48. E
  49. D
  50. D
  51. A
  52. E
  53. E
  54. C
  55. B
  56. B
  57. D
  58. E
  59. A
  60. A


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