İngilizce Adjective Clauses Deneme Test -1 60 SORU

1.       The film is about a man ______ has a great deal of property but is very unhappy because he cannot find the happiness ______   the poor have in their hearts.


A)       who / that

B)       whom / which

C)      with whom I in which

D)      whose / in which

E)       whose I that



2.       This is Mr. Advisor ______ book the questions were prepared and edited perfectly.


A)       in which                          B) whom

C)      in whose                         D) whose

E)       from whose



3.       This is the richest man in this village ______ house the jewellery was stolen last night.


A)       whom                              B) whose

C)      in which                          D) in whose

E)       from whose



4.       The boy ______ I borrowed the car asked me to drive carefully.


A)       whose                             B) from whose

C)      whom                              D) from whom

E)       of which



5.       They have to think of a way ______ they can earn more money.


A)       which                               B) with which

C)      that                                    D) from which

E)       by which



6.       My new school is near enough ______ I want to live.


A)       where                              B) of where

C)      to where                          D) on which

E)       in which



7.       The subject ______ scientists have been studying Is about air pollution’s effects on people.

A)      to where                                     B) by which

C)      on which                         D) whose

E)       for which



8.       That was the reason ___everybody hated him.


A)       for which                         B) by which

C)      whose                             D) on which

E)       with whom



9.       I never understood ______ he didn’t talk to me anymore.


A)       for what                           B) why

C)      of which                          D) from which

E)       with whom




10.     This is the school ______ I used to study for YDS.


A)       that                                    B) on which

C)      at which                          D) through which

E)       for which




11.     I called my friend, ______ is a dentist, to fix my teeth, ______ were decayed.


A)       who I what                      B) who I all of which

C)      which I all of which      D) who I of which

E)       whom I which




12.     The exam, ______ I took yesterday, was full of difficult questions.


A)       of which                          B) in which

C)      whom                              D) which

E) of whose




13.     Turkey, ______ is located between Asia and Europe, is a bridge between the West and the Middle East.


A)       which                               B) in which

C)      of which                          D) who

E)       why


14.     My teacher, ______ book has sold over million copies, is a professor.


A)       to whom                          B) to whose

C)      of whose                         D) for whose

E)       whose



15.     I have never heard ______ funny stories ______ she told.


A)       same / as                       B) so I that

C)      so / as                              D) such / as

E)       such / that



16.     The yellow cab ______ I collided was totally wrecked.


A)       of which                          B) with which

C)      from which                     D) to whom

E)       from whom



17.     I found a way______ I can go home much earlier.


A)       in which                          B) by which

C)      of whom                          D) from which

E)       with which




18.     The old man ______ I was travelling told me his life story.


A)       with whose                    B) of whom

C)      whom                              D) with whom

E)       whose




19.     That is the house ______ walls were repainted several times.


A)       that                                    B) which

C)      with which                      D) whom

E)       whose



20.     Do you know the tunnel ______ you can go there 40 minutes earlier.


A)       of whom                          B) through which

C)      on which                         D) whose

E)       which




21.     This is the most valuable museum in the city ______ the most valuable diamond was stolen last week.


A)       from whom                    B) in which

C)      whose                             D) from which

E)       that


22.     No one can give any meaning ______ he left the school in his last year.


A)       when                                B) whom

C)      why                                  D) for whom

E)       from which



23.     A student ______ gives an incorrect answer receives an explanation of this mistake.


A)       whose                             B)    whom

C)      which                               D)   who

E)       with whom



24.     They range from simple boxes with one knob  ____ the pupil turns, to complex computers.


A)       who                                  B)    which

C)      from which                     D)   of which

E)       to which




25.     The engineers ______ repaired the clock believe that the breakdown was the result of metal fatigue.


A)       whose                             B) whom

C)      of whose                         D) from whom

E)       who



26.     I took several books, ______ we will have to read during the next semester.


A)       from whom                    B) whom

C)      in which                          D) all of which

E)       where




27.     Zoos are p laces ______ people can go to see animals from many parts of the world.


A)       what                                 B)    whose

C)      where                              D)   from which

E)       who



28)    The animals lived in cages ______were made of concrete with iron bars.


A)       where                              B)    that

C)      with whom                     D)   whose

E) who



29)    Many industries have changed to fuels______                 have very little pollutant- creating material in them.


A)       who                                  B)    whose

C)      which                               D)   of which

E)       what

30.     Tom is the ______is checking the tickets.


A)       who                                          B) which

C)      of whom                                  D) one who

E)       where



31.     Barbara Peters, ______ has just become an airline hostess, works for B.B.C.


A)       ——-                                B) whose

C)      whom                              D) that

E)       who



32.     This is Dr. Brown, ______ wife is a nurse in that hospital.


A)       whose                             B) ——

C)      of whose                         D) who

E)       that



33.     The beggar ______ I gave the money was very poor.


A)       which                               B) of whom

C)      to whom                          D) whose

E)       where




34.)   Did you understand______ the teacher taught us today?


A)       which                               B) what

C)      whatever                        D) what is

E)       that is




35.     It’s very difficult to find the      things______       you need there.


A)       that                                    B) which are

C)      whatever                        D) in which

E)       where




36.     The man______ is sitting by the door takes care of the requests for the catalogue.


A)       ——                                  B) with whom

C)      who ever                        D) what

E)       who




37.     ______ eats in the restaurant ______I recommend enjoys the food.


A)       Who/who                        B) Who/which

C)      Whoever/of which       D) Whoever/which

E)       whenever/which


38.)   The part of the lesson ______difficult for me is chapter 5.


A)       most                                 B) being the most

C)      that it is the most          D) which it is the most

E)       that is the most




39.     January is a month______ many rich people take trips to Uludağ.


A)       where                              B) in which

C)      which                               D) what

E)       of which




40.     The gloves ______I lost at school yesterday were not my best ones.


A)       which is                          B) where

C)      —-                                     D) of which

E)       what




41.     The house ______we lived has fallen down.


A)      where                              B)    whose

C)     for which                         D)   for whom

E)      from which




42.     I would like to see______  speaks Italian.


A)       that                                    B)    who

C)      the salesman that        D)   that the salesman

E)       whom




43.     That’s the man ______the President spoke.


A)       that                                    B) whose

C)      whomever                     D) to whom

E)       whom




44.     That’s the man ______wife speaks five languages.


A)       whose                             B) who

C)      of whom                          D) to whom

E)       that




45.     ______ you read, you should have some idea about it by looking at its tide.


A)       What                                B) That

C)      Whatever                       D) Which do

E)       To

46.     Computers can now perform some activities ______factors of intelligence.


A)       what are concerned to be

B)       whatever they are

C)      that it is concerned

D)      that are concerned to be

E)       are concerned


47.     Your news ______I am glad was very nice.


A) which                                    B)    in which

C) that                                         D)    —-

E) for which



48.     We as teachers usually take a short vacation in February ______ there is no work for us to do.


A) whenever                            B) in which

C) on which                              D) of which

E) whichever



49.     The author ______gave an interesting lecture on the subject  ______ I like best.


A)       whose name I can’t remember/that

B)       I can’t remember the name/ which

C)      who/who

D)      whose/that

E)       the name of which I can’t remember/what



50.     In our country, the number of children ______ at independent schools was around five million.


A)       where we educate

B)       who we educate

C)      have educated

D)      who educate

E)       being educated



51.     The number of people ______attended adults education centres in 1980/81 exceeded 1.635.000, ______ were taking non-vocational courses.


A)       whom/whom

B)       whom/most of them

C)      who/most of whom

D)      who/most of which

E)       which/most of whom




52.     The impressionists created a style in ____ paints were applied in bold strokes and splashes.


A)       where                              B) who

C)      whose                             D) which

E)       what

53.     Waves of immigration occurred ______               cheap land was available.


A)       where                                  B) which

C)      that                                        D) for which

E)       whose



54.     The Organisation is trying to supply food to the countries ______ children are starving.


A)       whom                              B) whose

C)      which                               D) for which

E)       that



55.     The Queen Mary, ______used to cross the Atlantic, is a hotel now.


A)       that                                    B) of which

C)      which                               D) in which

E)       what



56.     Please try to remember ______               did with my books and notes.


A) what                                       B) which

C) for which                              D) that

E) what you



57.     The butcher ______these steaks usually has very good meal


A)       whom                              B) who sold me

C)      whose                             D) sold me

E)       is that sold



58.     My aunt, ______glasses were on the end of her nose, looked down at me.


A)       who                                  B) which

C)      whom                              D) whose

E)       that




59.     Yesterday, I read a notice that a reward of ten hundred dollars would be given ______could find the murderer.


A)       to whoever                     B) who

C)      whose                             D) whoever person

E)       whom



60.     Some careless, especially drunk drivers ______ don’t obey the traffic rules should be severely punished.


A)       whom                              B)    who

C)      whose                             D)   of whose

E)       whenever




1.            A

2.            C

3.            E

4.            D

5.            E

6.            C

7.            C

8.            A

9.            B

10.        C

11.        B

12.        D

13.        A

14.        E

15.        D

16.        B

17.        B

18.        D

19.        E

20.        B

21.        D

22.        C

23.        D

24.        B

25.        E

26.        D

27.        C

28.        B

29.        C

30.        D

31.        E

32.        A

33.        C

34.        B

35.        A

36.        E

37.        D

38.        E

39.        B

40.        C

41.            A

42.            C

43.            D

44.            A

45.            C

46.            D

47.            E

48.            B

49.            A

50.        E

51.        C

52.        D

53.        A

54.        B

55.        C

56.        E

57.        B

58.        D

59.        A

60.        B



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