2021 Yds Online Deneme Sınavı Çöz

2020 Yds Online Deneme Sınavı Çöz

1-22. Sorularda, boş bırakılan yerlere uygun düşen kelime ya da ifadeyi bulunuz.

1. I always obey the school rules, if I ……, I would get into a lot of trouble.

A) didn’t B) don’t
C) were D) weren’t
E) did

2. I’ve never considered ….. as a careful driver so far.

A) mine B) to me
C) myself D) my being
E) yours

3. I asked the doctor how often …… these pills.

A) did I have to take B) I had to take
C) I have to take D) were I to take
E) I would have been taking

4. …… applicants seem to be suitable for the position, but we are going to choose the older and cheerful one.

A) More B) Any
C) Neither D) Both
E) Either

5. The old country house …… they have been living for ten years is going to be pulled down soon.

A) in where B) whenever
C) of that D) whatever
E) in which

6. If your father is angry, you …… say anything to him for a while.

A) better not
B) had better not
C) wouldn’t rather
D) should have never told
E) wouldn’t sooner
7. Husband : I hired someone to repair the fences.
Wife : Ohh! No. You …… so. Jack had
promised to do it for us.

A) need not to do B) needn’t have done
C) needn’t do D) should hardly do
E) can’t do

8. He’s been working here for two months, but he …….. his way round the office.

A) has still been knowing
B) still doesn’t know
C) has to know
D) must have known
E) won’t have known

9. In our language department everyone is able to …… each other very well.

A) get up to B) get out of
C) get on with D) get down with
E) get into

10. You must avoid interfering ……………others’ special affairs.

A) with B) for
C) in D) among
E) along

11- Being an only child, he was often deprived ………. the company ………. other children.

A) from/with B) of/of
C) for/among D) with/with
E) to/from

12- I noticed that Peter was …………… not telling the truth.

A) supposedly B) abruptly
C) firmly D) favourably
E) obviously
13- The house, which was situated on the edge of a lake, had a(n) ….. view. I couldn’t stop watching it.

A) immortal B) conscious
C) devoted D) horrible
E) incredible

14- Too many children in Africa die of …….. because of a severe famine every year.

A) starvation B) perfection
C) subtraction D) fraction
E) resistance

15- I paid fifteen dollars for the room, five for lunch and seven for dinner, so the………. cost was twenty-seven dollars.

A) absolute B) thorough
C) entire D) rough
E) total

16- When the boy was stopped by store detectives, he ……. stealing two bars of chocolate.

A) suspected B) admitted
C) confused D) deduced
E) depressed

17- ….. much Susan takes care of herself, she easily catches cold.

A) In spite of
B) No matter
C) However
D) Despite
E) Whereas

18- Your brother may have explained his view about the case but you …… him.

A) haven’t been asking
B) aren’t going to ask
C) ware asking
D) didn’t ask
E) were going to ask

19- I can never let the students leave the dormitory ………. Mr Green says no.

A) later on B) in case
C) in spite of D) until
E) no matter

20- Can you tell me ………. of the two applicants is better qualified?

A) who B) which
C) what D) that
E) whom

21- She claims to be an expert on classical music, ………. she doesn’t even know how many symphonies Beethoven wrote.

A) as if B) therefore
C) yet D) in case
E) despite

22- ………. it gets light, we’ll be able to find out what damage last night’s storm did.

A) As soon as B)Since
 C) Until D) However
E) During

23. -27. sorularda, aşağıdaki parçada numaralanmış yerlere uygun düşen sözcük ya da ifadeyi bulunuz.

Experiments have shown that some animals have an extraordinary sense of (23) ………. . The albatross is a good example of this. In 1957, some scientists (24) ………. eighteen albatrosses from their home on the island of Midway in the Pacific Ocean. These albatrosses were sent by airplane to some (25) ………. places, such as Japan, the Philippines, and the Hawaiian Islands. Then they were (26) ……….. Scientists already knew that albatrosses could fly for great distances because of their huge wings. But no one thought that the albatrosses (27) ………. find their way home. After all, Midway is just a very little island in the middle of a very large ocean. However, fourteen of the albatrosses did get to Midway. They got there very quickly, too. One flew from the Philippines—4,120 km.—in only 32 days.

A) taste B) hearing
C) direction D) vision
E) touch

A) took B) have taken
C) had taken D) will take
E) were taken

A) distance B) distant
C) near D) deserted
E) mountainous

A) flown away B) caught
C) set free D) rescued
E) gathered

A) would be able to B) could
C) will be able to D) can
E) will

28. -32. sorularda, aşağıdaki parçada numaralanmış yerlere uygun düşen sözcük ya da ifadeyi bulunuz.

Another animal with a very good (28) ………. of direction is the Monarch butterfly. The Monarch is a beautiful orange-colored butterfly. It is one of the larger kinds of butterflies, but is still only an insect. All Monarchs (29) ………. the winter in a certain area of central Mexico. In the early spring, they begin to fly north. The butterflies that leave Mexico will die on their way. (30) ………. , their children or grandchildren will immigrate all the way to northern United States or Canada. Then, in the fall, these new butterflies start flying south. They have never been to Mexico, but they (31) ………. to find the place their parents left. They will even go to live in the same trees. Scientists believe that genetic programming makes this (32) ………., but they do not know how.

A) sense B) sensitive
C) sensitivity D) sensible
E) sensitively

A) spent B) spend
C) have spent D) will spend
E) will have spent

A) Consequently B) And
C) Although D) On the other hand
E) However

A) manage B) try
C) Ought D) have
E) had

A) probable B) improbable
C) impossible D) possible
E) possibility

33-42. Sorularda, verilen cümleyi uygun şekilde tamamlayan İfadeyi bulunuz.

33. When I returned for a week’s intermediate course after four months, ……….

A) I spent the day with some of them
B) I saw no evidence of damage to crops
C) many were murmuring against the leader they
had chosen
D) the investigators found the boys happy and contented
E) I was afraid I had forgotten a lot

34. Alex almost drowned as he had had a large meal ……….

A) but Chris just went on sleeping
B) before he went swimming
C) and he wished her good night
D) and needed a nice even surface to work on
E) and he was there on the night he was murdered

35- If you don’t want your neighbours to complain, ……

A) you should determine your activity
B) you have to support them financially
C) you can try applying other methods of
D) you’d better not play loud music
E) all the means of communication devices have
to be used effectively

36- If Alan hadn’t left his camera on the cafe table,……..

A) there would have been some evidence to suggest
B) he’d have been tired and discouraged
C) it was he who is to blame for the incident
D) it wouldn’t have been stolen
E) he wouldn’t have worried about how it worked

37- I don’t think you have quite understood …….

A) or else you have to inform at once
B) so I will explain the process to you again
C) the case hasn’t been cleared up yet
D) and then it is impossible to make a sense
E) how to disturb others equally

38- It was proved centuries ago that ……

A) primitive men had sailed round the world
B) those immense fields have been fertile
C) all the fruit had already ripened
D) all plants were grown more than necessary
E) people had been more conscious than before

39- …….. will understand just how unpredictable the markets can be.

A) Whenever the markets behave
B) Investors could have made a lot of money
C) Whatever the reason for the economic recession
D) Anyone who has worked in the financial-sector
B) Though he has been a stock broker for years

40- The policeman wanted to know……..

A) though there have been a lot of break-ins recently
B) as if I had been anywhere last night
C) whether I had seen any suspicious characters in the neighbourhood
D) why had so many prisoners run away from jails recently
E) that all of the men involved in the robbery have been arrested

41- I simply could not understand , ……….

A) how will he manage to complete the book on time.
B) instead, the book had a happy ending
C) while the plot and characters were fascinating
D) because it got such excellent descriptions
E) why no one liked the author’s last novel

42- Jennifer is quite a talented artist,……..

A) but she paints both landscapes and portraits beautifully
B) yet she has decided to study Business Administration
C) the fact that her main interests are in sculpture and painting
D) while she studied at St Martin’s College of Art in London
E) because she has been drawing and painting since she was a child

43. — 46. sorularda, verilen cümlenin hangi sorunun cevabı olduğunu bulunuz.

43- No, it’s all right, thank you. I can manage.

A) Would you like me to carry your suitcase?
B) Would you like to carry my suitcase?
C) Would you like to eat ice-cream?
D) Can I help you eat the cake?
E) You can’t get up early, can you?

44- Well, we were thinking of going to Poland for a change. It was so crowded last year in Spain.

A) Are you going to Poland again?
B) I suppose you went to Poland last year.
C) Spain is a good country for a holiday.
D) Where did you go for your holiday last year?
E) Where are you going for your holidays this year?

45- Not too bad, thanks. But I don’t really like flying.

A) Did you have a good meal?
B) Did you have a good journey?
C) How about the party?
D) Did you like climbing the mountains?
E) What do you think of the film?

46- Er.. it’s the 5th I think.

A) How far is the meeting point?
B) What time is it?
C) Which storey is the manager’s room?
D) What time do we leave the hotel?
E) What’s the date today?
47-50. Sorularda verilen İngilizce cümlenin Türkçe dengini bulunuz

47- Several people have lost their work, and this will continue to happen until we get the computer system fixed.

A) Birkaç kişinin işini kaybetmesi biz bilgisayar sistemini tamir ettirinceye kadar devam edecek.
B) Birkaç kişi işini kaybetse de bu durum bilgisayar sisteminin tamir edilmesine kadar devam edip gidecek.
C) Birkaç kişi işini kaybetti ve bu biz bilgisayar sistemini tamir ettirinceye kadar olmaya devam edecek.
D) Birkaç kişi işini kaybedebilir fakat bu ancak bizim bilgisayar sistemini tamir ettirmemize kadar olmaya devam eder.
E) İşini kaybeden birkaç kişi var fakat bu bizim bilgisayar sistemini tamir ettirmemizle birlikte sona erecek.

48- Companies that borrowed heavily in 80s are now having trouble in paying their debts.

A) Seksenli yılların aşırı borçlu şirketleri şimdi borçlarını ödemede zorluk çekiyorlar.
B) Seksenlerde aşırı borçlanan şirketlerin şimdi borçlarını ödemeleri zorlaştı.
C) Şimdi borçlarını ödeme zorluğu çeken şirketlerin seksenlerde aşırı borcu vardı.
D) Şirketler seksenli yıllarda çok aşırı borçlandıkları için şimdi borçlarını nerdeyse ödeyemiyorlar.
E) Seksenli yıllarda aşırı borçlanan şirketler şimdi borçlarını ödeme zorluğu çekiyorlar.

49- All European governments are working together to find a solution to the problem of nuclear waste.

A) Avrupa’daki her hükümet nükleer atık sorununa çözüm bulabilmek için birlikte çaba sarf ediyor.
B) Avrupa’daki her hükümet nükleer atıklarını yok etmeye bir çözüm bulmak için birlikte çalışmaktalar.
C) Tüm Avrupa hükümetleri nükleer atık problemine bir çözüm bulmak için birlikte çalışıyorlar.
D) Avrupa’daki tüm yönetimle nükleer atık problemini halletmek için birlikte hareket etmektedir.
E) Tüm Avrupa hükümetleri nükleer atıklarını yok etmeye birlikte bir çözüm bulmaya çabalamaktadır.
50. The police seized over a million pounds’ worth of stolen diamonds at London Heathrow Airport yesterday.

A) Londra’nın Heathrow Hava Alanı’nda bir milyon paund değerinden çok fazla çalınmış mücevher polis tarafından e!e geçirilmekteydi.
B) Polis, Londra Heathrow Hava Alanı’ndaki bir milyon paunddan çok fazla değerde çalınmış mücevherleri ele geçirebildi.
C) Bir milyon paund değerindeki çalınmış mücevheri dün Londra Heathrow Hava Alanı’nda polis ele geçirebildi.
D) Dün, değeri bir milyon paundu aşan çalıntı mücevheri Londra Heathrow Hava Alanı’nda polis yakaladı.
E) Polis, dün Londra Heathrow Hava Alanında değeri bir milyon paundun üzerinde çalınmış mücevher ele geçirdi.

51-54. sorularda, verilen Türkçe cümlenin İngilizce dengini bulunuz.

51- Tanımadığımız birisini gördüğümüz zaman ondan hoşlanıp hoşlanmadığımıza karar vermek sadece birkaç saniyemizi alır.

A) After meeting someone we don’t know, it only takes seconds to decide if we like them or not.
B) When we meet someone we don’t know, it takes a few seconds for us to like them.
C) When we see someone we don’t know, it only takes a few seconds for us to decide if we like them.
D) Once we see a person we haven’t met, it just takes a few seconds for us to decide whether we like him or not.
E) After seeing someone we don’t know, it usually takes a few seconds for us to decide if we like them or not.

52- Güvenlik görevlisi, kontrol edilmiş olduğunu belirtmek için valizimin üzerine bir çarpı işareti koydu.

A) The security guard put a cross on my suitcase to show that it had been examined.
B) Having controlled my suitcase, the security guard signed it to show that it had been examined.
C) The security guard who had examined my suitcase put a cross on my suitcase to show that it was examined.
D) The security guard put a cross on my suitcase to show that it had to be examined.
E) My suitcase was examined by the security guard, and it was put aside by him.

53- Bu kanun, sistemindeki suiistimallerin bazılarını düzeltecektir fakat meselenin köküne inmez.

A) By correcting some of the abuses in the system they cannot go to the root of the trouble.
B) This law will be corrected but some of the abuses in the system cannot be removed completely.
C) After correcting some of the abuses in the system, we could go to the root of the trouble.
D) This law will correct some of the abuses in the system but it does not go to the root of the trouble.
E) Some of the abuses in the system can be corrected but it does not go to the root of the trouble.

54- Söylediklerinizin pek çoğuna katılıyorum fakat çocukların 14 yaşında okuldan ayrılmalarına izin verilmesi fikrine katılamıyorum.

A) What you have said is true, but I can’t go along with your idea of letting children leave school at 14.
B) I agree with most of what you said, but I can’t go a long with your idea of letting children leave school at 14.
C) I approve most of your views, however I can’t accept your idea about letting children leave school at 14.
D) Most of what you’ve said is agreeable, however I can never approve your idea of letting children leave school at 14.
E) Although I’ve agreed with what you said, it is impossible for me to go along with your idea of letting children leave school at 14.

55-57 soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız.

Nobody can deny that supermarkets are very convenient. The whole idea behind them is that they give customers more choice at a cheaper price. But the current fashion of building enormous supermarkets on the outskirts of towns is having the opposite effect. These supermarkets are putting small shopkeepers out of business. Shops in town centres are closing down because they cannot compete with the low prices the big supermarkets are able to offer their customers. Town centres are dying. Instead of shopping in town, people are driving to the out-of town supermarkets, buying all the food they need for a week or two, then driving home again. That is their choice. But soon they will have no choice in the matter, because all of the shops in their town will have closed down. This is why some town councils are refusing to give supermarket chains permission to build in their region because nobody wants to live in a ghost town.

55- It has been understood from the paragraph that people find supermarkets much more advantageous ……………

A) so long as some town councils refuse to give super market chains permission to build in their region
B) since people are driving to the out-of-town super markets
C) since town people are buying all the food they need for a week or two
D) for it can’t be denied that supermarkets are very convenient
E) because small shops cannot present customers more choice at a cheaper price

56- According to the writer’s claim, if the town councils gave permission to supermarket chains ……….

A) they themselves would cause to create deserted towns
B) much more people would live out of ghost towns
C) they would be unable to give the customers more choice at a cheaper price
D) the shops in town centres could never overcome the other supermarkets
E) the shops in town centres might lose too much profit

57- According to the paragraph supermarkets seem to be ………..

A) the most convenient for the town people
B) less advantageous than small shops in town centres
C) competing with the extreme prices of small shops
D) abolishing small town shops
E) capable of offering the best choice to the customers

58-60 soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız.

The French government is planning to introduce new measures to monitor and limit the use of the animals in scientific research. Their aim is to establish new standards for all of Europe. The new measures aim to ensure that the public will be informed as to the conditions in which animals are kept, and scientists will be made to justify their use of live animals in cases where substitutes could be found. A council will also be formed consisting of scientists, animal rights activists and other qualified members. It is hoped that France’s actions will be an example to other European countries which now have few controls regarding the treatment of animals.

58- The aim of the new establishment is forming new standards for all of Europe ……

A) regarding the treatment towards animals
B) including other living creatures
C) besides animal rights activists and other qualified members
D) where much more substitutes could be found
E) as they are interested in natural environment

59- The French government not only wants limitation of using live animals …….

A) but a council will be formed consisting of scientists
B) France’s actions will be an example to other European countries as well
C) the new measures aim to ensure that the public get enough information
D) it also wants to find substitutes of live animals used in scientific research
E) almost all of them are controlled regarding the treatment of animals as well

60- The attempt of the French government introduced in the paragraph is related to ………

A) scientific researches indeed
B) the new scientific measures as well
C) establish new standards for Europe
D) substitutes which can be found for animals
E) animal rights actually
61-63. soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız.

I think that the difference between “standard of living” and “quality of life” is that the former refers to material possessions and financial wealth, whereas the latter suggests personal satisfaction and fulfilment that may derive from things that are unrelated to money. For example, a person may be quite poor and may not have many material possessions, but may still be happy with their life because they have good health, peace of mind, a
loving family and friends. I personally don’t believe that to have quality of life you need to own an expensive home or car, and to have the luxuries only money can buy.

61- The difference between the two concepts concerning life is that ………

A) good health, peace of mind, a loving family and friends are necessary factors
B) people may still be happy with their lives
C) one is related to wealth and the other is related to personal contentment
D) it only suggests personal satisfaction and fulfilment
E) you don’t need to own an expensive home or car in order to be wealthy

62- According to the paragraph, people with good health, peace of mind, a loving family and friends ……………

A) may still be happy despite they lack many material possessions
B) are just deprived of things related to money
C) do not always need to own their homes or cars
D) may be the source of material things
E) refer to material possessions and financial wealth

63- It has been stated in the paragraph that ………..

A) there are several concepts like ‘standard of living’ and ‘quality of life’
B) people are still satisfied and happy with their possessions
C) life may also be improved without money
D) one should have possessions related to money if ‘standard of living’ is necessary
E) ‘the quality of life’ can be identified only by experts

64-66. soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız.

Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument on an area of land called Salisbury Plain – about seven miles north of the town of Salisbury in England. Stonehenge consists of a series of stone settings arranged in a circle and is considered one of the most complex stone circles in the world. Built as a religious temple, Stonehenge was first recorded by John Aubrey in the 17th century, although excavation of the site did not begin until 1919. Research has shown that there were three main periods of construction, beginning around 1800 BC and finishing in the 15th century BC, when Stonehenge was completely reconstructed. The fact that the monument is so large implies that many people must have worked together in a team to help build it. There has always been controversy over the exact function of Stonehenge. Although there is no doubt that it had religious importance, it was also known to have a special significance with regard to the sun. Records show that the site was used as a place of worship during the summer months and especially on June 21st , the longest day of the year. Today, Stonehenge is a major tourist attraction and is still believed to have a spiritual force, even to this day.

64- It is stated in the passage that Stonehenge ……

A) was built for religious purposes.
B) still serves for the people in England.
C) was constructed in the 18th century BC.
D) was excavated in 1919 by John Aubrey.
E) functioned as a gathering place in the prehistoric

65- We can infer from the passage that ……………

A) the aim of Stonehenge is still unknown.
B) Stonehenge was a religious place for prayers especially when the weather was good.
C) people used Stonehenge to observe the space.
D) still some people go to Stonehenge to pray on
hot days.
E) Stonehenge is open for the tourists to visit on religious days.

66- It is stated in the passage that ……………

A) people pray at Stonehenge on June 21st.
B) mysterious powers at Stonehenge affect on visitors.
C) Stonehenge is a tourist attraction as being a religious temple.
D) people worked together to finish the temple in a short time.
E) John Aubrey was the first person to service as a priest at Stonehenge.

67-69 soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız.

Commercial fishing has been carried out since the
middle ages. Before that it was impossible to keep
fish for long periods, but the development of storage
methods such as drying and salting made it possible for fishermen to go on fishing trips further away, in fact, although Europeans were completely unaware of America’s existence they were already fishing near its coasts then. They were, however, still unable to keep fish fresh for any length of time, All this changed as a result of the new technological advance in refrigeration in the 19th century. Soon the coastal waters of Africa and the Mediterranean were full of Northern European fishing boats. In the 20th Century, scientific discoveries made during the Second World War were used for discovering large groups of fish.

67- In the 19th century, Europeans were already able to fish around a large area ………….

A) as they could keep the fish they caught for a long period of time
B) because scientific discoveries were made during the Second World War
C) as commercial fishing has been carried out since the middle ages
D) since Europeans were completely aware of America’s existence
E) as the coastal waters of Africa and the Mediterranean an were not full of Northern European fishermen

68- According to the passage, fishermen from Europe were unaware of America’s existence ……….

A) so they were unable to fish far away from their own coasts
B) because they were still unable to fish in distant waters
C) despite the new technological advances in refrigeration in the 19th century
D) but they were already fishing near the coasts of America
E) however they were carrying out commercial fishing since the middle ages

69- In the 20th century, scientific discoveries enabled Europeans not only storing the fish long periods ……………

A) they were keeping the fish by drying and salting
as well
B) but they had to develop a new commercial method of fishing
C) but also invading American coasts for fishing
D) but also they developed some scientific discoveries
E) but also discovering large groups of fish
70-72 soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız.

It is difficult to come up with a reliable definition of the word superstition, but basically it is a belief in something that is not true. We all believe in some things for which we have no proof but can these beliefs be referred to as superstitions? Throughout
history, human beings have theories which turned out to be false, but the people who believed them were sometimes not superstitious at all. In all periods of history, people have had to find explanations for things with the knowledge they have had and so beliefs that we today find crazy seemed quite reasonable at the time. For example, the famous and very influential scientist Aristotle thought that the world was flat and for many centuries travellers on long voyages were anxious about falling off the edge of the world.

70- When we consider the paragraph as a whole, we can see that ………..

A) false theories are superstitions
B) untrue explanations used to have some value C) there is no exact definition for superstition
D) all the beliefs in the past were all crazy
E) influential words are believed to be magic

71- According to the paragraph, the beliefs which seem crazy now but reasonable in the past …………

A) have never been so influential so far
B) can not be said superstitions however
C) are still considered as false beliefs
D) have had no proof even today
E) were all introduced to human beings

72- It has been stated in the paragraph that even some famous scientists in the past ……….

A) had hardly defined their beliefs more reasonable than today
B) were anxious about falling off the edge of the world like Aristotle
C) thought unlike Aristotle that the world wasn’t flat
D) failed to find reasonable explanations for things with the knowledge they had
E) had been introduced as superstitious

73-75 soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız.

Many parents are becoming increasingly worried about their children’s addiction to video games. They believe that playing for too long can be harmful to their health. Parents are afraid that their children’s personality will be affected, and many have frequent arguments with them about their playing habits. Actually, there is no scientific proof that video games are dangerous even if played for many hours a day. Another difficulty for parents is that, although most basic computer equipment is quite cheap, the games themselves are often very expensive.

73- Although there isn’t any scientific proof that video games are dangerous to children’s health even if played for many hours a day ………..

A) parents needn’t worry about their children’s playing habits
B) the argument between parents and children still goes on
C) children’s personality is probably affected by video games
D) most of the basic computer equipment is too expensive to buy
E) parents are aware that playing computer games has been an expensive hobby

74- One of the problems about video games which parents face is that ……………

A) there must be a scientific proof that video games are harmful to children’s health
B) video games should be as cheap as most basic computer equipment
C) there is no scientific proof that video games are dangerous .
D) they have frequent arguments with their own children
E) the video games are usually very expensive

75- Even though there is no scientific proof that video games are dangerous for children …………

A) parents do not approve their children’s playing video games
B) children are becoming addicted to video games day by day
C) many parents have frequent arguments about the duration of children’s playing video games
D) most basic computer equipment is quite cheap anyway
E) computer games are extremely expensive as well

76-80. sorularda, verilen cümleye anlamca en yakın olan cümleyi bulunuz.

76- There has never been such a move to protect the environment of Antarctica.

A) The environment of Antarctica has never been protected so much till now.
B) The environment of Antarctica has to be protected with great care.
C) All scientists have been extremely interested in protecting the environment of Antarctica.
D) No attempt like this has ever been done to protect the environment of Antarctica.
E) It seems that there has been enough natural wealth to protect Antarctica.

77- I know I shouldn’t have spoken to her like that, but I was absolutely annoyed.

A) I promise not to speak to her like that even if I get annoyed.
B) I regret speaking to her like that when I got very annoyed.
C) it is hardly possible for me to speak to her after I’ve annoyed her.
D) it was unavoidable for me to get annoyed with her while she was speaking.
E) I can’t help speaking to her like that when she irritates me.

78- The thing I choose to do is my affair, not yours.

A) I’ve been trying to do my own affair.
B) I always prefer to do everything alone.
C) I’ve usually been interested in my own trouble. D) You shouldn’t have interfered in my private
E) What I choose to do interests only me, not you.

79- I prefer to buy vegetables instead of growing them.

A) People should grow vegetables instead of buying them.
B) I tried to buy vegetables instead of growing them.
C) When I’ve been able to grow vegetables I needn’t buy them.
D) I’d rather buy vegetables than grow them.
E) I’d prefer to have grown much more vegetables.
80- Because of being unkind, he couldn’t find a partner to work with.

A) He is always rude to his partners in the office.
B) Nobody worked with him because of his irritation.
C) None of his colleagues wanted to work with him because he was rather uneasy.
D) Nobody wanted to work with him because of his rudeness.
E) Few people want to work with him because of his annoyance.

81-85. Sorularda, parçada boş bırakılan yere uygun düşen ifadeyi bulunuz.

81- ………….. Although works of fiction may contain actual events or real people, they are always combined with imaginary elements. The main purpose of fiction is to entertain the reader, but it is also used to express truths, ideas, and opinions on a variety of subjects.

A) We need to re-think our whole way of life and live in small communities.
B) A work of fiction is a story created from an author’s imagination.
C) Why should man have the right to express his imaginations?
D) Unless we do something, the world will not be fit to live in.
E) The council has established an inquiry team.

82- ………… The beekeeper provides a home for the bees, and takes care of them, but the bees remain wild. In a sense, the relationship between bee and beekeeper is one of the mutual development. Both benefit from the relationship, and neither one is a slave of the other.

A) I got them from a pet shop when they were a year and a half old.
B) I read about nine thick books about bees and keeping them as pets.
C) It would be wrong to say that bees are domestic creatures farmed in the same way as cows or sheep.
D) We are learning to trick cows into having twins and sheep into lambing twice a year by fiddling with their summertime.
E) Bees are believed to be the most domestic among other animals.
83- Your diet should depend on the sport you do. Before a race a sprinter shouldn’t eat anything
heavy, but he/she ought to eat some form of sugar. …………. Fruit is excellent for this. Marathon runners, on the other hand, should eat big meals three hours before the start of a race. The sugar contained in cereals is absorbed more slowly. Are you taking part in a long race? Eat some pasta. It will fuel your body for a longer time than fruit.

A) The quantity of food one should east is limited
in a diet.
B) It will be absorbed quickly and will tone the
C) When you’ve tested the new food, they’d get
you to write a detailed report.
D) A diet including almost all kinds of vitamins is
E) A perfect diet is needed in a short time after it
has been recorded.

84- ………….. Everywhere I go, I see people dropping
plastic bottles and drink cans on the pavement. If only people realised how disgusting this is, and what a bad impression it makes on foreign
tourists. And often you can’t walk for ten minutes without seeing a single litter bin! If the government spent more money on bins, then we wouldn’t have to spend so much money on street cleaners.

A) I got alarmed when I found the environment
was badly polluted.
B) I found it difficult to get used to living in the
country after all.
C) All I want is to prevent natural balance.
D) The houses in this street should be the same,
clean and neat.
E) I believe that it is time the government did something about litter.

85- In the next century, I expect there will be further developments in information technology, and computers will probably become smaller and even more advanced. I expect someone will invent a car which will be less harmful to the environment, and I think natural sources of energy such as solar and wind power will become more widely used. ……….

A) I think our world will change a great deal in the next century, just as it has in the past one hundred years.
B) The television has also made a difference, as it has transformed home entertainment and given us access to news and information from around the world.
C) Penicillin has enabled doctors to cure a great number of illnesses which would previously have been fatal.
D) But, at the same time, there is the advantage that tourism brings in foreign currency and entrance fees to sites.
E) However, newspapers are usually a day behind world events.

86-90. sorularda, verilen duruma uygun düşen ifadeyi bulunuz.

86- You want to buy a can of white paint in a convenience store. On the paint shelves you see only black and red paint. There is no one to assist you except at the busy check-out counters, so reluctantly, you approach one of the young ladies working there and say politely:

A) You should really have more people working here.
B) If you don’t find me some white paint right away, I’ll go somewhere else.
C) You’re awfully busy today, aren’t you?
D) Is there anyone who could check to see if you have any white paint in stock?
E) I want to complain to the manager about your unhelpful attitude.

87- After an absence of several years, you return to your home town. Having experienced university life in a big city, you find the town where you grew up provincial and boring. However, your friends and relatives are proud of the place. Not wishing to hurt their feelings when they ask you how the town looks on returning, you feign enthusiasm and answer:

A) I just can’t wait to get back to a big city.
B) I hope I don’t get bored in such a quiet town soon!
C) It’s great to be back where it is quieter and more relaxed.
D) I’ve certainly seen better places!
E) Doesn’t anything ever happen here?

88- You feed birds in your garden and enjoy watching them. When new neighbours arrive next door, they bring with them a cat which chases and sometimes catches the birds. Angry but anxious not to make enemies of them, the next time you see them, you say carefully:

A) What a sweet kitty! I’ve always wanted one just like it.
B) Do you think it would be possible to keep your cat from disturbing the birds?
C) Cats are a nuisance and we don’t want them in this neighbourhood.
D) If your little cat is hungry, we’ve get some nice birds over here.
E) If you don’t keep that cat of yours under control, I’m going to call the police.

89- The son of a close friend has been arrested for a minor crime. You have always liked the young man and believe he is basically a good sort. You also realise that his parents are deeply ashamed to have a son in trouble. In order to encourage them, when you see them, you say:

A) With your support, I’m sure he’ll soon change his ways.
B) I always knew he was headed for trouble.
C) It must be a great comfort to you to have such a good boy.
D) If my son did anything like that, I’d disown him.
E) It’s a shame that he will have to spend his youth in prison.
90- Friends of yours with little money have bought land cheaply a long way from town and have built their own house, again spending as little money as possible. When you first see the house, you are impressed by the job they have done. On the other hand, you wouldn’t want to live there because of the location. When they proudly ask you what you think of the house, in order not to offend them, you say:

A) Nice house. It’s a shame about the location.
B) Why would anyone want to live way out in a place like hills?
C) It’s like a mansion, really remarkable for what you’ve spent.
D) Doesn’t it get awfully dark and scary around here?
E) It is certainly obvious why you were able to get this land so cheaply.

91-95. sorularda, karşılıklı konuşmanın boş bırakılan kısmında söylenmiş olabilecek sözü bulunuz.

91- Jane : …………
Dick : They may have done. It may have
been held up in the post.
Jane : Or they may have posted it late. Sally
Walker always leaves things till the
last minute.
Dick : Anyway, you’d better wait and see.

A) It’s strange that the Walkers haven’t sent us a Christmas card this year.
B) I’ve never doubted about the Walkers’ sincerity.
C) Have your ever received a letter or postcard from the Walkers?
D) Have the Walkers been accustomed to writing letters or Christmas cards to you?
E) In fact I’ve been expecting a letter from Sally Walker for a long time.

92. Dolly : You haven’t been calling me too
often recently. You don’t seem to be
in a good mood.
Bruce: _____.
Doily :That’s all right. So, what is your
excuse for not calling?
Bruce: I’ll come and see you instead. I’m
sure you’re longing to talk to me.

A) I’m really sorry. Dolly.
B) Sometimes I think I’m really lucky to have a friend like you.
C) Yes. Things aren’t so good these days.
D) How about your not calling me?
E) What is your problem, dear?

93- Kerry: I really wish June would phone. I was
supposed to be meeting her at midday,
but we hadn’t arranged where.
Linda: _____.
Kerry: I didn’t know she had one. Have you got
the number?

A) What are you doing with her that’s so urgent?
B) June is really unreliable when it comes to
C) It might be wise to postpone it until tomorrow.
I’ve heard the traffic is really bad.
D) Why don’t you call her on her mobile phone?
E) She doesn’t live far from here, remember, you
could go and see her.

94- Brenda : The weather report said it would rain
this afternoon.
Henry : My grandfather won’t be pleased. He
gets rheumatism in wet weather.
Brenda : ……………………
Henry : I’ve already suggested that, but he
always wants to go and work in the

A) I don’t think it will be a heavy shower — look at the sky.
B) Then he should stay inside and keep his joints warm.
C) How did his appointment at the doctor’s go? Is there a cure?
D) Maybe there will be snow this week. I bet he hates the snow.
E) Well, he’s not a very cheerful man. He should try to have a more positive outlook.

95- Adam : Do you feel like going out this
Betty : ……………
Adam : But your hair looks all right to me.
Betty : Anyway, I feel awful with my hair.

A) No, never. I don’t feel well enough to go out this evening.
B) It’s hardly possible for me to go out without getting my hair done.
C) Be careful that I’m going to the hair dresser’s.
D) But I don’t feel like going out without wearing my evening suit.
E) No, my dear. I really feel miserable.

96 – 100. sorularda, anlam bakımından
hangi cümlenin parçaya uymadığını bulunuz.

96. I) The nuclear age has provided us with nuclear power as an alternative to fossil fuels. II) In an area directly affected by a nuclear explosion the effects would be catastrophic. III) People in other areas would suffer radiation sickness and there would be contamination of land, water and the atmosphere.
IV) The food chain would be affected and shortages would occur. V) Over generations, there would probably be deformities in many new-born children.

A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V

97- I) In Baka society, the women are responsible for building huts from young trees and leaves. II) It is also their job to gather vegetables, collect water and do the cooking. III) The men have to provide meat and collect honey. IV) Men and women share the job of bringing up the children. V) Tribesmen also perform the Fire Dance to cure illness.

A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V

98- I) Alfred Bernhard Nobel was a Swedish chemist who lived between the years of 1833 to 1896. II) He likes to speak Russian in his free time so he learned it. Ill) He was the son of an explosive manufacturer and helped his father at his job. IV) He is also well known as the developer of dynamite which was a far safer explosive than others used in those days.
V) His misgivings about his work led him to create
a fund that would raise money for an annual prize
known as the Nobel Prize.


99- I) The world’s climate is not and never has been constant. II) Climate, the long-term behaviour of weather, is inherently changeable. III) Not only are there gross changes over geological time scales (ice ages and interglacial warm periods) but smaller changes occur, too. IV) This was the time of the so-called -“Little Ice Age”. V) Temperatures in Europe during the -medieval warm period were on average 0.50C warmer than they are now.

A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V

100- I) These days most people consider it safer to keep money in a bank. II) Money becomes really important as soon as you begin to earn it. III) Then the technical terms you have heard in conversations at home begin to take on a new meaning. IV) You realise that if you don’t control your expenditure and live within your income, you may get into debt.
V) People who are careful with their money usually work out a budget for themselves in order to set aside sums for holidays and accumulate savings.

A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V


1. A
2. C
3. B
4. D
5. E
6. B
7. B
8. B
9. C
10. C
11. B
12. E
13. E
14. A
15. E
16. B
17. C
18. D
19. B
20. B
21. C
22. A
23. C
24. A
25. B
26. C
27. A
28. A
29. B
30. E
31. A
32. D
33. E
34. B
35. D
36. D
37. B
38. A
39. D
40. C
41. E
42. B
43. A
44. E
45. B
46. E
47. C
48. E
49. C
50. E

51. C
52. A
53. D
54. B
55. E
56. A
57. D
58. A
59. D
60. E
61. C
62. A
63. D
64. A
65. A
66. C
67. A
68. D
69. E
70. C
71. B
72. D
73. B
74. E
75. A
76. D
77. B
78. E
79. D
80. D
81. B
82. C
83. B
84. E
85. A
86. D
87. C
88. B
89. A
90. C
91. A
92. A
93. D
94. B
95. B
96. A
97. E
98. B
99. D
100. A

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